Beyond Organic September

Beyond Organic September

Organic September was an extremely exciting month for us at Sungleam. Organised by our friends at the Soil Association, the month-long campaign celebrated and raised awareness of the benefits of organic food and farming.  

With 100% organic accreditation by the Soil Association and as members of the Organic Trade Board, we take our pledge to grow and supply organic nuts extremely seriously. But, while it’s fantastic to promote and share our enthusiasm for organic during this special month in the calendar, we want to go further.

Organic September is a brilliant campaign but we want to spread the news of ‘organic’ far beyond that. Why not Organic October, November, December? Why not organic all year long? We’d love to see more farmers converting to organic for good, and more consumers enjoying delicious, pesticide-free food that has minimal impact on the planet.

So, whether you’ve just discovered the world of organic food or have been a fan for years, let’s find out more about what organic truly means and the amazing difference this way of life can have on our planet

What does ‘organic’ mean?

In a nutshell, organic describes a way of farming that doesn’t use pesticides: chemicals designed to kill insects, weeds and fungal diseases. Pesticides are bad for the environment in so many ways, from killing essential pollinators to contaminating soil and waterways. These chemicals also end up on our plates and in our bodies, causing problems we’re still trying to comprehend.

The chemicals don’t just stay on the farms, either. They travel to our wild spaces and the places we live, even the parks in which our children play. And of course there are the workers who have to spread these chemicals, breathing them in and exposing their bodies to products designed to kill.

What are the benefits of organic farming?

If we could farm without introducing these nasty pesticides to the planet, its animals and people, wouldn’t you agree that sounds like a logical thing to do? The problem is, we’ve become used to the way things are and many believe we are dependent on chemicals to yield the crops we need.  

Fortunately, there are farmers leading the way for change and the more consumers who demand organic, the more producers will follow. There are plenty of alternatives to using nasty chemicals that are much healthier for the planet and our bodies.

Crop rotation; planting natural weed suppressants such as buckwheat; manual weeding; encouraging birds and beneficial beetles to control pests; and using naturally-derived pesticides such as clove oil (as a last resort) are all options we far prefer to chemicals we can barely pronounce!

Plus, the benefits of organic farming are well worth a little extra effort:

  • Healthy soil and waterways
  • Biodiversity
  • Supporting our precious pollinators
  • Protecting farm workers
  • Trustworthy food you’re happy to put in your body

Does organic food taste better?

At Sungleam, we love everything about organic products, from the way they’re grown and the good they do for the planet to the way they taste and make us feel. While taste is very much a personal matter, we believe our nuts benefit from growing the way nature intended: without chemicals or artificial fertilisers. We like knowing that when we snack on a delicious pecan or munch a bowl of crunchy granola, we’re not ingesting chemicals at the same time.

We also take extra steps to preserve the naturally delicious flavour and goodness of our nuts. By delivering them raw (never heated beyond 42 degrees Celsius), customers enjoy the fresh, authentic and exceptionally special taste of pure, organic nuts.  

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While we realise that it’s currently difficult to lead a completely organic life, every time we choose organic, we send a message to producers that we support this way of farming and want more of it!

So, what do you think? Do you like the sound of ‘going organic’ year-round, and not just for Organic September? If so, browse our shop to try one of our delicious, organic products. If you’re not sure which to choose, follow our lead… It all started for us with organic pecans and, although we’re a little biased, we think they’re better than any you’ll find elsewhere in the world! Order yours today and enjoy a delicious, 100% organic treat.

Whilst you’re waiting for your delivery or while you’re sampling your new favourite snack, read more about Sungleam’s long history of organic farming here. Discover how we choose to run our farms for the good of the planet and its people