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About Sungleam Organic

Our founding values

We’ve been specialists in growing and sourcing the world’s finest nuts for generations. We only sell 100% organic, single-origin nuts that we grow or buy directly from farmers and co-operatives we know and trust.

Sungleam Organic Foods was founded 25 years ago when our family business pioneered pecan production in South Africa. Back then, ‘organic’ wasn’t a term you heard very often, but we were determined to do things differently and better than anyone else. From day one, we’ve been certified 100% organic and remain dedicated to our founding values.

A few decades and generations down the line: our family business has expanded and we now offer a range of delicious, raw, organic nuts. We still have our own farms but have also partnered with some amazing suppliers who share our values. Sungleam products have a transparent supply chain, are always organic, always raw and always delicious.

Our positive impact

We wholeheartedly believe in responsible, sustainable farming. Rather than simply making minimal impact on the planet, we make a positive difference to the environment and the lives of our workers.

We are internationally respected as pioneers of organic farming and, rather than keeping our knowledge a closely guarded secret, we want to share what we have learnt. We are continually pushing boundaries and are determined to play our part in elevating farming to a better, more environmentally friendly level for the benefit of all.

Alongside our dedication to the planet, we respect and value our workers and are committed to always giving them a good deal. After all, we couldn’t deliver our outstanding products without them. Fair wages and exemplary working conditions are standard at Sungleam farms and we insist on the same from our suppliers.

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Our superior products

We believe in putting the best, most nutritious and delicious food in our bodies. Anything less simply isn’t worth it and our customers agree.

Our exceptionally high quality nuts stand out from the rest because of the way they are grown and treated. We’ve known for a long time that fertiliser and chemical-free nuts delivered in their raw, natural state are the purest and best. Certified organic farming is the perfect start, but we like to go a step further.

Many farmers choose to heat their nuts but we prefer to keep the goodness intact. The nuts we grow and source are never heated above 42 degrees Celsius, which kills any unwanted bugs while retaining all the goodness and flavour of the nut. The end product, which is carefully packaged and delivered to our customers, is natural, raw and delicious.

Partnering farms who share our vision

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Try something new & delicious

There’s something for everyone in our range of nuts. Whether you’re searching for a new cereal topper or something to liven up your bread: we’ve got the perfect match.