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About Us

What we do

We grow and source the finest 100% organic nuts. We only sell single-origin nuts that we buy directly from farmers and co-operatives we know and trust.


SunGleam Organic Foods is a family business. We pioneered pecan production in South Africa and our farm has been certified 100% organic for 25 years. We founded SunGleam as a way to sell our home-grown organic pecans straight to our customers in the UK and EU.
Since then, we have expanded our range to include other organic nuts from selected producers. You can now buy organic almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and macadamias, and we will soon be featuring nut butter and nut milk too. Our nuts are always organic, always raw and always delicious.


100% sustainable

Progressive, sustainable and regenerative farming methods are the key to the future. We’re delighted to bring you foods of exceptional quality, produced in ways that benefit our customers, our community, and our planet.
100% organic
All our products are certified organic. No chemicals, no artificial fertilisers. 
100% raw
Our naturally grown nuts are a genuine ‘raw food’. Raw food is unrefined, unprocessed and hasn’t been heated above 42 degrees Celsius. All the goodness stays intact.


La Fromagerie is all about connections to our suppliers and producers, and this takes the form of how the product is grown, produced and delivered.  Our long association with the Roux family and their dedicated and transparent working methods shows in the quality of their pecans and the exceptional taste.  In a world where we question everything about our food production, we feel safe in the knowledge that not only are Roux Pecans the best but they are also a family business that looks after every aspect - from the workforce, land and product.
Patricia Michelson
La Fromagerie - Founder/Director

I’ve known Roux Pecans for many years and their nuts are consistently the best tasting and finest quality organic pecans available today. 
Nick Barnard
Rude Health