Meet Pierre Roux

Meet Pierre Roux

Sungleam Organic all started with Pierre and his family farm in South Africa. It was on this farm that, in 1973, the family planted their first pecan tree on the banks of the Orange River. From these roots Pierre’s father grew a thriving, revolutionary organic pecan farm supplying the most delicious nuts while putting the environment first.    

Today, Pierre continues his father’s legacy and is determined to deliver exceptionally delicious, 100% organic nuts to people around the globe with Sungleam Organic. He has partnered with other visionary farmers to create an unmatched range of products and today we learn more about the man behind Sungleam…

Pierre, please could you tell us a little about yourself?

Of course! I grew up in South Africa on Ramah Farm (Roux Pecans). As such, organic pecan farming has been a way of life from day zero. I would help on the farm, plant and prune the trees, bring in the harvest etc. Instead of getting pocket money, I sold pecans!

After completing school and university in Cape Town, I moved to London in 2005 and started importing our organic pecans for the UK market, expanding to the EU in 2019.  

I now live with my wife and two small children (6 and 4 years) in a small village outside Farnham. My wife is a vet from Australia and the whole family shares a love of the outdoors. We’re lucky to be surrounded by AONB and, although we have no pets, we’re hoping to get a dog soon!

What is your role at Sungleam?

Making sure that our customers are happy! And also introducing our organic nuts to more people who value healthy food that has been grown responsibly.

Your family were pioneers of organic pecan farming in South Africa, did you always want to carry on the family business?

Absolutely. Having always been involved from a young age, I’m very proud of what we have grown and developed. The family sees ourselves as custodians for future generations.

In what ways have you evolved/grown the family business?

By increasing our sales and growing the business, we provide better and more jobs/training to local communities at our farm. Helping communities is extremely important to us.

What are your priorities for the business and why?

As a family business we see ourselves as custodians who should improve things for future generations: communities; soil; nature; environment; water; and climate impact. These are all big priorities for the business.

How do you feel about the food industry in the UK at the moment? Do you feel there’s increasing demand for organic food?

Yes there is but I am also concerned about cheap, industrial, low quality food as a concerning competitor. I think this should be taxed by governments to encourage healthier choices that are better for the planet.

What makes Sungleam different to other brands?

That’s an easy question and something we’re really proud of. We have a 100% organic and sustainability focus with complete transparency all the way to the farmer. We also have a strong focus on best quality products.

What’s next for Sungleam?

We’re looking forward to expanding our product range.

Finally, what’s your favourite Sungleam product?

Organic pecans, of course! J


We’re so excited about the next chapter for Sungleam Organic and know that, with Pierre at the helm, we’ll be heading in the right direction for the planet, its people and our uniqueproducts.

If you’d like to try some delicious, organic pecans straight from Pierre’s family farm, click here to visit the shop. Perfect sprinkled on cereal, added to home baking or mixed into salads, we can’t blame Pierre for claiming them as his favourite!