What is Veganuary?

What is Veganuary?

Happy New Year and welcome to Veganuary! If you’re thinking of incorporating more vegan food into your life, read on to find out what this exciting month is all about…

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people to try vegan food. Every January they ask people around the world to say ‘no’ to meat and dairy, and discover the incredible array of plant-based alternatives.

Last year, more than 629,000 people officially took the pledge to ‘go vegan’ for a month and more than 1,540 new vegan products hit the shelves around the globe. With more and more choice for vegans, now is the best time ever to try the lifestyle for yourself.

Why try vegan?

If everyone in the world stopped eating meat and dairy then farmland equivalent to the area of China, Australia, the US and the EU combined would be unnecessary. That would mean an incredible drop in greenhouse gas emissions, less destruction of wild land and a fighting chance for some endangered species. 

If you personally were to switch to a vegan diet, Oxford University researchers have found that you could reduce your own carbon footprint by up to 73%. We think that’s incredible and certainly worth considering this New Year.

Plus, a sensible vegan diet can do wonders for your health. Avoiding foods high in saturated fat such as cheese and red meat is good for your cholesterol while maxing on the fruit and veg floods your body with wonderful vitamins, minerals and fibre. We can’t see a downside!

Is Sungleam vegan?

At Sungleam, we’re so proud of our products and how they’re produced. Most farms for meat and dairy are extremely bad for the environment, polluting our soils, rivers and oceans and harming wildlife. We only farm nuts and do so in the most planet-friendly ways possible.

 Sungleam farms produce 100% organic nuts and are dedicated to minimal environmental impact. We partner with fantastic organisations such as The Soil Association to keep up to date with the latest advice and ensure nothing ‘nasty’ gets into the environment. This protects animals in many different ways: they’re neither exploited for their meat, mistreated for their products, nor harmed in their natural environments.

Delicious vegan snacks

While we farm in line with vegan principals, our products are perfect for this way of life, too. If you’re already enjoying a vegan lifestyle or are thinking of switching some of your meatier meals, why not try nuts? Our organic nuts are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, and are the perfect snack all on their own.

There are also countless delicious vegan recipes that showcase the earthy, creamy, rich flavours of nuts, and they make a great base for dairy free milks, yoghurts and ice creams, too. Why not have a go at making your own? All you need to start is some raw, delicious nuts…

How to support Veganuary

So, are you ready to join in the Veganuary challenge? You can choose to officially sign up and make your pledge for the month. Alternatively, if you’re more vegan curious than vegan committed, this is the perfect time to dabble in the diet. Why not try simply cutting back on the meat and dairy a little? Even if you’re vegan for just one day a week, all these choices help us lead a healthier, more planet-friendly existence and will show you the alternatives and options when if comes to this way of life.

Shop now

To get inspired, join us at Sungleam for Veganuary and visit our online shop for a fantastic selection of raw, organic nuts. For snacks, trail mixes, breakfasts, milks, breads, main meals… we thinks nuts are a winner and your perfect partner this Veganuary!