Original About Us

What we do

We grow and source 100% organic raw nuts from single farms, estates and cooperatives. When we taste an organic nut that we like, we want to know where it comes from and who grows, picks and processes it.

Once we’re certain a product meets our high standards, it’s our pleasure to give it space on our shelves so that we can help spread the goodness.


One day in 1973, we threw caution to the wind and decided to grow pecans on the family farm, planting our very first pecan trees along the Orange River. Our family has been farming Ramah Farm for 100 years so change has never fazed us.

True to his vision, Chris Roux grew the pecan orchard one small step at a time, and in 1995 we converted to 100% certified organic pecan farming. Thanks to our dad’s pioneering attitude, the pecans’ exceptional quality and our own sky-high standards, pecans are now integral to South Africa’s agricultural output.

Alongside our beautiful organic pecans, you can buy our organic almonds, cashews, hazels, macadamias, nut butter and nut mylk too. Our nuts are always organic, always raw and always delicious.

100% quality

Progressive, sustainable and regenerative farming methods are the key to the future. We’re delighted to bring you exceptional quality foods produced in ways that serve you our customer, the industry as a whole and this wonderful planet we all share.

100% organic

All our products are certified organic [link]. This covers the entire process from bud break in spring to agricultural practice and harvesting to the bag in your hand. Our facilities are also BRC-certified to the highest level for Food Safety.

100% raw

Our naturally grown nuts are a genuine ‘raw food’. Raw food is unrefined, unprocessed and hasn’t been heated above 42C. All the goodness stays deliciously intact, as if you picked it off the tree yourself.

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