Our Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners

From selling pecans from his family farm to partnering with the finest nut-farmers in the world, Pierre Roux has developed Sungleam Organic to become an international business. Today, you can browse and buy 100% organic, single origin nuts from farmers we personally know and trust.

Our criteria for our partners is extremely strict and we’re delighted to have found family farmers who share our ethics and dedication to quality. The hard workers who caringly grow our delicious nuts are also treated fairly and supported properly.

Today, we introduce you to some of our partners so that next time you open a packet of Sungleam nuts you’ll know exactly where they came from and who grew them for you…

Northdale Farm – Organic Macadamias

We source our organic macadamias from a single farm we’ve been working with for over a decade. The subtropical region of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa is perfect for macadamia production and Andre Kuhn of Northdale Farm has honed his organic farming techniques here over the years. Ensuring minimum impact on the environment while producing the finest macadamias we’ve tasted, Andre has never looked back when it comes to organic farming, saying: “I'm confident that I'm doing the right thing."

Sungleam’s CEO, Pierre Roux has worked with Andre for over 10 years. The pair share a lot of common values including their steadfast dedication to organic farming and insistence on exceptional products. This is exactly the kind of partnership we’re committed to forming with our suppliers. The results from Northdale Farm are outstanding, and a perfect addition to the Sungleam range. 

Try Sungleam’s organic macadamias from Northdale Farm as a delicious, stand-alone snack, added to trail mix or baked in savoury dishes.  

Bioterra – Organic Almonds

Our almonds come from an organic cooperative in Extremadura, western Spain. This region is perfect for growing the most delicious almonds and our partners, Bioterra are as stringent about upholding their organic credentials as we are about our own.

Preferring traditional, sustainable growing methods, Bioterra farmers have been growing organic almonds for over 25 years. In fact, much like the Roux family in South Africa, Bioterra were the first company in the country to commit to 100% organic production.

We love these delicious almonds on breakfast cereals and salads.

Zantye’s – Organic Cashews

Cashews have been grown in Goa for 450 years, since Portuguese missionaries took plants there from Brazil to combat soil erosion. This part of the world has the perfect climate and growing conditions for the moreish, creamy nuts.

We source our organic cashews from Zantye’s family business which was founded in 1928 and is a respected leader of cashew production in Goa. The cashews from this supplier are 100% organic and traditionally grown, preserving local culture and heritage.

If you haven’t tasted Sungleam cashews from Zantye’s yet, why not try them in granola, baked into biscuits or simply as a protein-packed snack?

Roux Pecans – Organic Pecans

Finally, a quick introduction to the farm that started it all: Ramah Farm, South Africa. Proud to be listed alongside our selected suppliers, this is Sungleam CEO, Pierre’s family farm where organic pecan farming was pioneered and thrives to this day.

After studying at Glen College of Agriculture, Pierre’s father, Chris began to seriously question conventional farming. Determined to prove the ‘experts’ wrong, that pecan production was difficult in SA and doing it organically next to impossible, he began to transform his land into a revolutionary, industry-leading organic pecan farm.

Chris’s efforts paid off. He planted thousands of additional pecan trees, became a founding member and chairman of The South African Pecan Producers Association and, in 1999, his organic pecans became the first EU-certified Ecocert pecan nuts from Africa. Ramah Farm’s delicious pecans are now savoured by customers around the world. Have you tried them yet?

Sungleam organic pecans from Ramah Farm are superb as a stand-alone snack, added to breads or in a range of other dishes and breakfast cereals.

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Sungleam Organic showcases the best raw, organic nuts from our own farm and trusted partners around the world. We’re delighted to have introduced you to some of them today and hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about where and how your favourite Sungleam products are grown.

Why not visit our online shop to browse the full range of organic nuts from the Sungleam family? We’re sure you’ll find something to tempt and inspire you